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Need a Custom Built Website with Email and Hosting?

Website Design

Get a Fully mobile responsive website, compatable with all devices.

We use the latest in development software to bring your site to life!

Domain Registration & Hosting

Reliable, high performance hosting of your domain and website, including its annual registration.

Email Setup & Hosting

Setup and management of all your email accounts.

Excellent spam filters to reduce the unwanted mails in your inbox.

A little bit about us..

We try see things a little differently in terms of web development.. and that’s to keep things simple!
We’ve noticed that bombarding your audience with a mountain of information thinking its going to help, is intimidating and often counter intuitive.

Providing them with just the right amount of information and key points – powerful.
This will help them to make the right decision without spending hours going through sub par material.

This way we see it..

We’ve found that the most effective sites in this day and age, are simple, to the point and are mostly designed with mobile devices in mind.

Consider that 60 to 70% of the market now searches on their phones when looking for a service..
What considerations need to be made? 

For us, we’ve found that the modern day single page site is the most effective in this regard.

Well lets think about it..


Only 1 page needs to be opened, saving your visitors data


Multiple pages often contain duplicate information just to fill the page.


With all the apps we have become accustomed to - Facebook, Instagram etc. scrolling through a site just makes more sense than opening additional pages.


Smaller sites are faster sites


Easier on your pocket!

We’ll make your website work everywhere!

An overview of our offering..

As a ball park, work on around R 3,000 once off for a fully functional, mobile responsive 1 page website.

This is not to say that we can’t develop bigger sites. We would need to advise on this depending on your content, on a case by case basis.

If your case does not allow for it, and you just have WAY too much content, then of course, a bigger site would make more sense (additional pages will be quoted for separately).

Basic SEO & SSL certificates come standard with us.

If you require hosting, we charge a small hosting fee of just R 200 pm (RSA Clients), covering new domain registration / annual registration (if already existing), hosting of your website and email setup and management.

There is literally nothing else you should need to worry about.

Some of the areas we service

The beautiful thing about the digital world is that you have reach.
We’re lucky enough to be able to service just about any business in any area in South Africa – remotely.






Cape Town




Port Elizabeth










East London




Richards Bay

If you have access to internet, we can help!
We can get everything done without you having to make a physical appointment.

All we would generally need is your company profile, company logo, contact details, a few high quality images for your gallery and boom, we’ll do the rest!

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